Give U My Heart

Annie Yue, Give you my heart, 2011, Print, Courtesy of Annie Yue

Annie Yue, Give you my heart, 2011, Print, Courtesy of Annie Yue


Dear Editor,

I am writing to recommend my artwork Give You My Heart which won the second prize in the 2011 creative design, China Package Contest in the hopes of introducing it to your audiences. My name is Yaping Yue, you can call me Annie. I am a graphic designer studying a Master of Art Administration in UNSW and I am a member of China Designers Association.

This design is a post card design. Conceptually simple the design presents a pair of postcards with a half heart cut from each side. Once joined a full heart emerges to deliver the idea of a heart being only complete when there is two that love. It is a great way for a couple to present their love to each other. Sometimes, some words are hard to speak, however writing is easier. Handwriting is more cherished than just an SMS or an email. It can be a warm message between a couple, and it is like a love letter.

The inspiration comes from a sad love story. The heroine of the story loved a man deeply, but the man did not love her back. When she asked for a meeting, he said: “This is your wish, not mine.” It hurts, no matter how much the heroine would love to give unconditionally. “I love you. I want to give you my heart, this is my wish, but not yours”, said the heroine at the end of seven years of unreturned love.

Light pink is the finest color to represent love; gentle and lovely. There are a lot of different hearts on the postcard. They refer to different periods in a relationship. Happy, crying, surprise, heart broken…and all of these just because people love each other, people are not strangers, but lovers, and love the other deeply.

Love is an eternal theme in art that can be explained in thousands of ways. In fact, most love stories are sad. Maybe no story has a happy ending. But true love is still is the most worthy thing to treasure in life. I just try to show what I understand in a simple poetic form that allows others to express love. So I really hope you could help me find a way to exhibit this work to more and more people.

Thank you so much for your time.

Annie Yue