Give U My Heart

  Dear Editor, I am writing to recommend my artwork Give You My Heart which won the second prize in the 2011 creative design, China Package Contest in the hopes of introducing it to your audiences. My name is Yaping Yue, you can call me Annie. I am a graphic designer studying a Master of…

Collective Heroism

New York based Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang uses history as a source of inspiration in his art practice. In his recent exhibition Falling Back to Earth 2014 at Brisbane’s QAGOMA, he explored the collective social behaviors in his installations Heritage and Head On. The concept of the exhibition’s title was inspired by Tao Yuan-Ming’s 4th Century…

Brendan Huntley Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Dark Heart 2014 Ceramic Installation Courtesy of the Art Gallery of South Australia

Dark Heart

It’s not every day that an exhibition blows your cotton pickin’ socks off. That’s the thing with the Adelaide Biennale’s Dark Heart; it does just that and then some. You have no choice but to compare it to the Sydney Biennale, which was on at the same time. The Sydney Biennale was wracked with controversy…

Video Artopia

The experience of the art of the 19th Sydney Biennale ignited a creative spirit in me the moment I alighted the ferry at Cockatoo Island. As the light of the early morning shone from the east, bathing the grand buildings that inhabit the island, I was inspired, camera in hand and scrambling over some neglected…

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