Naoshima: Island of the Future

What is the sound of silence? Does it have a smell, a taste? As the ferry pulled into Miyanoura Port the first thing I noticed was the quiet. Two circles of light illuminated the grass to the left. Thin poles, curving up toward the sky, dotted their outlines. Atop the antennas small globes acted as…

Innovation in Australian Glass

Throughout history, the medium of glass art has undergoneĀ a number of journeys, from Ancient Egypt and the East, to the stained glass windows of medieval churches, the workshops of Venice, Orrefors of Sweden, and finally the studio glass movements of America and Australia. In Australia, the movement was pioneered by people like Maureen Cahill, both…

Viola Raikhel-Bolot: The Art of Investment

Leading world art consultant and a co-founding director of a global art advisory agency 1858, Viola Raikhel Bolot, perhaps found a way to marry the impossible: art, business and the luxury market. But is it just all too commercial? In a free market economy, should art be treated as a financial instrument rather than a…

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