He Yunchang, “One Metre of Democracy”, 2010, photographs and video of performance, 32 x 46 cm, 12 min 7 sec Images courtesy of the artist and White Rabbit Gallery

The Cost of Democracy

Currently showing at White Rabbit, Reformation showcases the inventive breadth of visual language in post-reform Chinese contemporary art. According to founder Judith Nielsen, it is the gallery’s most challenging show, “The collection has always been about works that move you and make you think. [This exhibition] sums up the energy and edginess we’re seeing right…

Abramović & Reperformance

In the world of performance art, where impertinence was an integral part of some of the best-known work from the 1960s/70s, the idea of re-staging pieces has usually been frowned upon. Peggy Phelan states that performance’s only life is in the present, “performance occurs over a time which will not be repeated. It can be performed…

Degustation by Julia DeVille

Julia deVille’s Degustation is part of an ambitious exhibition, which opened its doors at the National Gallery of Victoria last November as part of the project Melbourne Now. The goal was to celebrate the latest art, architecture, design and cultural practice in order to reflect the dynamic and creative landscape of Melbourne. Born in 1982, deVille studied…

The future of Feminism and Censorship: Are We Going Around in Circles?

It scares me to live in a world where it is acceptable for a female celebrity to gyrate naked on a wrecking ball in her music video, whilst art that depicts the female body in its most natural form is repeatedly deplored and censored. Canadian artist Petra Collins received a slew of criticism in October…

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