When Aliens Encounter, Cultural Differences Do Not Matter

I was sitting in a massive auditorium surrounded by various conversations and hundreds of people I have never seen before. They all look different from me, their face, colour of eyes, skin, hair and personality. Am I an alien? I imagine myself with big yellow eyes, soft horns, pink skin and a fluffy body like…

The Mark Making of the Folding and Unfolding

  In the Camperdown studio, two textile artists Pepa Martin and Karen Davis have found success with an ancient Japanese dyeing technique, Shibori. Shibori is a term used to describe ‘Shiboru’, defined as ‘to wring or squeeze a fabric’. The beauty of this technique has become their foundation, naming their business Shibori. The technique of…

Whistling Language

Technology has taken a dominant and sometimes overbearing place in our lives, impacting our ways of communication. However, in order to think about progress and the future it’s important to consider traditional methodologies and concerns. Angelica Mesiti, through a video performance, reminds us that we can go beyond standardized chats, telephone calls and text messages…

The Mechanical Utopia: The Dynamism of Italian Futurism

This year marks the centenary anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, a conflict that was unprecedented due to the influence of machinery. Modern warfare was conceived in the trenches of continental Europe; tanks, aeroplanes, and machine guns were new technologies designed specifically for the task of taking as many lives possible. It is…

Art As Sport

Sport and art have been identified as activities that occupy distinct cultural spheres. I believe that this divide is narrowing. While viewing the current exhibition held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, In the Flesh, I paid homage to great champions of figurative art: Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud and Pablo Picasso. It was…

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